Authors, don’t overspend, allow your rights to be stolen, or fall for lame internet publishing scams. Help is here! In 2015, Motivation Champs launched our publishing division to help authors of all levels share inspiration and get their messages out to the world. Today, we are proud to say we have worked with hundreds of authors from across the globe, helping their dreams become reality.

When our founder Mr. Dominick Domasky, an Amazon Bestselling Author, started his journey to becoming a published author he admittedly knew little about the industry. “I was a guy who told stories about getting beat up and pulling weeds. I didn’t know there were ruthless publishing companies out there preying on people’s hopes and dreams, but I found out.” Dominick encountered companies selling services he didn’t need and promising results that weren’t realistic. Others demanded long applications and detailed query letters, but never acknowledged the submission. “It was a heartbreaking process, so I try to be sensitive, but realistic with my clients. If Motivation Champ’s Publishing is not the right fit, we let them know, but also try to guide them through the publishing process. While I believe our service is second to none, if we’re not the right fit, we’ll help the client find a publishing solution that is.”

Motivation Champ’s Publishing is very selective with the clients we choose to work with and only selects projects that meet our core principle, “Sharing Inspiration.” We publish self-help, fitness, motivation, inspiration, business, uplifting, and positive children’s books, or any works fitting into this genre.

We believe every author’s needs are different. Each author we work with has unique goals, which means no one program is right for everyone. Services range from formatting eBooks to ghostwriting and marketing paperback and hardback books.

Good luck, my friends. Write every day, and never let anyone discourage you from chasing your dreams.

Dominick Domasky

Founder, Motivation Champs


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Services Offered

  • Title review and consulting
  • Concept development
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Cover art and design
  • Book layout
  • Artwork
  • Social Media setup and development
  • Secure ISBN
  • Set up Amazon Author Central page-Included in base package
  • Website development
  • Social network advertising
  • Ghost writing
  • Marketing and internet validity
  • Progress reporting
  • Printing- author not required to place minimum order
  • Barnes and Noble store placement
  • Launch assistance
  • Amazon Best Seller Program
  • Manage social media and email campaign
  • Author coaching and consulting

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Working with a publisher who cares for your message as much as you do adds a level of motivation you won’t find everywhere