Wayne McDaniel is a grandfather of two.  He and his wife, Jude, live in a beautiful log house in Lawrence Kansas, along with their dog Trek.  He loves to bicycle and hike.  Wayne says, “A day in the mountains is worth a thousand days in the office!” 

Wayne has travelled all over the world, including Iceland, Italy, India, Kyrgyzstan, China, Australia, Mexico and Central America.  He is very grateful his company was able to adopt two villages in India, bringing hope and opportunity to thousands of rural people.

Wayne is a seeker of truth and lover of the Great Light, as he is loved greatly by the Great Light.

From his teenage years, Wayne has been interested in spiritual matters.  He grew up in St. Louis, attended a Presbyterian church, met some Catholic charismatics, was baptized in the Spirit, went to Oral Roberts University and become deeply involved in his church as an adult.  He always loved to study and read about theology.

However, he was never comfortable with many of the judgmental, dogmatic and exclusive perspectives of organized religion.  Through ongoing study, he came to embrace a broader spiritual perspective, which sees God as Universal Love and Light and each person as an expression of that Light. Understanding scriptures through mystical eyes, he can see this truth within the Christian scriptures as well as many other religious traditions.

His mission in life is to help others increase their capacity to live and to give.  He does this through his work and writings.  His goal with this book is to help young children and their parents know the truth about how precious they are and how much they are loved.

Order Children of the Great Light today. 100% of the profits of this book will be donated to children-oriented charities, which promote the well-being of kids. 

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