Viki Heagy

Viki Doyle Heagy is a loving wife, mother and grandmother from western Pennsylvania. For many years she was a stay at home mom. During that time she focused on her children and volunteering at school and church. Life was busy attending dance recitals and soccer and baseball games. When her children attended CCD at St Cecilia Catholic Church, she became a catechist. Viki taught fifth and seventh grade CCD for 6 years. She enjoyed planting seeds of faith and being a positive influence on the youth of the parish. She has been blessed to see those seeds grow and blossom in the children she taught.

Viki’s grandchildren love story time and look forward to the quality time spent with their “Kiki”. As they started pre-school, Viki realized that her granddaughters had concerns about school. The idea of Izzie, a shy inchworm, was divine inspiration. Izzie’s story gives children an opportunity to voice the fears and problems they encounter in school. This story can be used to introduce the topic of bullying – which is a very important topic in today’s world.

Today Viki is the author of four books and the creator of “The Izzie The Inchworm” series. Children will fall in love with Izzie and her classmates: Barney Beetle, Flora Firefly, Lucy Ladybug and the twins- Sam and Stan Spider.

Viki believes reading to children is the best gift you can give them. It opens up a new world of adventure and knowledge. Stories should be fun and teach a lesson. A favorite quote of Viki’s is attributed to Albert Einstein. He said “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

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March 11, 2020