Stephanie Kunkel

Stephanie Kunkel is an award winning leadership expert, and sought after trainer and speaker. Stephanie holds a masters in leadership and management from WGU.  In 2020 she co-authored an international best selling book The Unstoppable Entrepreneur. Stephanie is currently in the  process of publishing Perspectives through Broken Glass, a memoir on how she stepped out of depression and into leadership. Stephanie works with organizations, families, and individuals to develop an understanding on leading through depression.  Whether personally faced with depression, having a family or friend who faces depression or working with someone who displays the symptoms of depression, her new book can offer a different perspective. 

Stephanie can be contacted at for leadership trainings, keynotes, or media opportunities. She can also be found on LinkedIn sharing leadership tips and updates.

Stephanie states: “I will live my life and conduct business with intention, openness, and love so that leaders can help their followers to have fulfilling, happy, and empowered lives. I will do this by setting my focus, connecting with what’s around me, spiritually, and challenging others to see another perspective.” Her mantra is YOU ARE NOT A FOLLOWER!

Perspectives Through Broken Glass is now available.