Pamela Brinker

Please meet renowned licensed psychotherapist, inspirational author, and stellar teacher, Pamela Brinker. Pamela has married her life experience with her life’s work, having guided clients on their journeys through pain into bravery for over twenty years. She provides direction and healing as you attempt to manage your life and protect your happiness while you assist a loved one who suffers with addiction and mental health issues. Pamela knows firsthand how overwhelming it is to support someone you care about in the wilderness of recovery and relapse. A passionate speaker, therapist and advocate for personal growth and mental health awareness, she has created her own valuable techniques and tools to cultivate conscious bravery and find freedom. Pamela is the mother of two sons with addiction and mental health issues and has come out of the trenches thriving.

Pamela’s new book Conscious Bravery offers a lifeline so desperately needed when caring about or loving someone struggling with addiction. Whether that be a child, spouse, parent, or friend, navigating the world of mental health and addiction can feel like it’s literally pulling the life from you.

What if you felt a deeply grounded courage…deep enough to face any situation? How would your life change if you knew how to overcome fear and regret? To face the present moment and find hope? To prioritize your own self-care, drawing upon the extraordinary bravery and unshakeable love that will help you rise, transform, and thrive? Conscious Bravery is that guide to learning the lifesaving techniques and crucial pillars for bravery training.    

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