Mike Mannix

Mike brings a passion and energy to his seminars, keynote speaking engagements and trainings that is unique and impactful. This distinction supported by a deep expertise in leadership has made him a sought-after headliner for company events only equaled by the demand for his hands on in person instruction.

He brings 30+ years of business experience spanning multiple industries, advancing to become an Executive Board Member of a Global BPO organization. He has a track record of proven success as a Strategic Operations and Business Development Leader, generating up to 100% in revenue growth, expanding market presence, and driving operational efficiencies that deliver dramatic gains in profitability. Throughout his career, Mike has always taken a “Servant Leader” approach. Combined with his passion for teaching, this methodology has enabled teams to continuously exceed their goals, creating a strong legacy of industry top talent. For this, he has been recognized through numerous awards granted for excellence in leadership, including Gold winner in the Executive Team of the Year category by Best in Biz, Best Team Performance by a Country, Employee of the Year, President’s Club, Key Player of the Year, and Carpe Diem Excellence in Leadership Award among others. Created and launched initiatives which focus on people development and the delivering of outstanding service.

His Experience spans team training & development, operations, client growth, and sales for over three decades. He has helped win, launch, and develop many top client operations and markets. This expertise has been recognized by hundreds of clients who have selected him to serve on advisory boards that have defined and driven their companies’ best practice standards for operations, employee learning & development, team engagement / well-being and customer service globally. Experienced in building businesses into formidable industry players and instrumental in increasing revenue by providing key business leadership. 

Beyond his 21+ years of creating and delivering impactful training programs in the corporate arena, he also teaches as an Adjunct Professor at New York University (NYU). In the collegiate space, he develops and administers classes in leadership, management, strategic planning, team building, and business development. He currently teaches at various levels including undergraduate, graduate, career professionals, the NYU High School Academy and NYUSPS Aspire – a scholarship program for rising high school juniors and seniors from underrepresented communities who will be first-generation college students.

“I am extremely passionate about leadership and the development of future leaders. I believe that the true measure of success is gauged on the amount of lives you touch and leave for the better. Effective leaders aren’t driven to lead others, they are driven to serve them.” – Mike Mannix

Mike has teamed up with dear friend, Sal LaGreca, a successful business man and creator of The 5LS Program, to launch the results driven professional and leadership development company Unparalleled Performance. Order your copy of The 5Ls – The Gift of a Balanced Life today.