Kathy Judson

Meet Kathy Judson, an author whose journey from a farm childhood to a seasoned cyclist has shaped her perspective on life. “Navigating The Race Within” is the culmination of years of hard work and a testament to her deep connection with nature and respect for perseverance. Having competed in cross country, track, and triathlon, Kathy found her true calling in cycling, racing at national and international levels for over 35 years.

Beyond her athletic pursuits, Kathy values her two sons and holds a Ph.D. in pharmacy, a B.S. in human nutrition, and a Master’s in counseling. Her near-death experience with anorexia at 17 fueled her mission to live a full life, always reaching for the next peak.

Whether atop a mountain, in a trail race, or on social media, Kathy is accessible for epic retreats, coaching, public speaking, and media appearances. “Navigating The Race Within” invites readers on a transformative journey, offering tactics to assess mental wellness and cultivate the right mindset. Join Kathy on the path to unleashing your full potential and achieving the impossible with your chosen squad. Embrace the journey and soar together!

For more information and updates on Kathy’s adventures, please visit www.healthyhorizonsnow.com