G. Mick Smith

G. Mick Smith, PhD is a C-Level strategist, author, podcaster, and voice talent. Long known for his work with companies that transform their business dreams to reality, Smith is now releasing his 78th publication and first novel Burning America: In the Best Interest of the Children?

This fictional account exposes the dark underbelly of the custody industry in American villages. Children are treated like footballs and are simply kicked from place to place, parental rights are routinely violated, often with one parent who is considered no more than a paycheck, and the custody enterprise of judges, lawyers, and counselors profit from the displacement and misery of children. The novel punches hard in the gut and does not let up until the untimely and tragic climax. 

Solving this type of intractable custody problem is similar to the 20+ years Smith led as a C-Suite Educational Technology Executive, spanning technology, corporate, non-profit, and university settings. The perfect storm has hit and many people recognize that answers to any crisis lies in promoting American values. Smith would like to help others find answers as organizations seek him out to profit from the looming future. Organizations move forward confidently, realizing outstanding outcomes, e.g., reducing costs, integrating innovative solutions, and successfully marketing their services.

Mick seeks conversations with leaders ready to embrace change and improve their organization. And it starts with a conversation, for example, as he is the Chief Digital Officer at The Doctor of Digital Podcast, and formerly, when performing as an Executive Region Director and Campus Dean. Smith started Smith Consulting in January of 1998, earned three advanced degrees, including the PhD in the History of Religions from UCLA, and nine certificates. As a professor and teacher Mick taught thirty-nine courses, has been named a Featured Reviewer by Computing Reviews, and was a Founding Member & President 1997-1998, at the American Association for History and Computing.

Mick currently resides far from the madding crowd in sunny California enjoying his parent’s first new car, a 1957 Buick Special, hiking, music, reading, and writing.

For interviews and assistance contact The Doctor of Digital at mick.smith@wsiworld.com