Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff

Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff is one of the foremost Functional Medicine experts. He is the Clinical Director of Triad Of Health Family Healing Center and the International Award Winning Speaker, creator and Amazon best- selling author of The Skolnikoff Method New Medicine For A New You: Inflammation Solutions Handbook. The more that you learn about Dr Skolnikoff and The Skolnikoff Method, the more you will discover a world of possibility for healing that you might have only previously dreamed of.

His bold and clear message that compares and contrasts his own medical views as a holistic chiropractor to those of his father as a Freudian psychiatrist are not to be missed. If you think the information contained in The Skolnikoff Method doesn’t apply directly to you then you must
read it to discover the truth—trust the process.

This work encompasses all of the latest but also controversial and often misunderstood research so that you can gain clarity on the best approach for your health. In The Inflammation Solutions Handbook you will be able to explore well known common causes of chronic metabolic conditions such as autoimmune disease, thyroid disease, mood disorders, hormone- imbalance and leaky gut as well as the solutions to these conditions.

Dr. Skolnikoff has had the honor to speak from stage at a variety of prestigious venues including sharing the stage with Dr. Oz, Evander Holyfield, Dr. Drew Pinsky, 15th Surgeon’s General of the United States Dr. Joycelyn Elders, Dr. Marc Siegel of Fox News, Sylvester Stallone and many others.

He received the Award of Excellence and Leader in Medicine in 2021 for his speech at The Royal Society of Medicine, Outstanding Speaker and Excellence in Medicine Award in 2020 at the Celebrity Doctor Summit at CNN Center as well as a variety of other awards throughout his book tour. His TV appearances have included the discussion of The Skolnikoff Method and The New Medicine on Fox and ABC among other stations. He has recently been on television discussing Juvenile Arthritis and other forms of autoimmune disease as well as exercise and weight loss. He has helped close to 6000 patients with seemingly hopeless complex health conditions during the last 17 years. There is nobody better to help the layperson to get clarity regarding these conditions and to transform their health with tried and true systems of health care that follow the real science that is there now and has been there for hundreds and even thousands of years in some cases!

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