Debbie Griffiths

Meet author Debbie Griffiths. Debbie was born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area and graduated with honors from Biola University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Organizational Leadership. This degree helped her advance in the homeowners association industry, where she has written several articles on common interest developments.

Always trying to broaden her horizons, Debbie chose to write her first novel revolving around the trauma inflicted by gaslighting. Torched: Burnt By A Gaslighter is a fictionalized story of a woman’s quest to successfully rebuild her life with grace and courage following a painful divorce where she was a victim of domestic abuse.  

As a result of this novel, Debbie created Broken to Boldness LLC as an avenue to bring more awareness to domestic abuse.  The company’s website,, is a source for education and resources to help educate on recognizing the red flags of abuse and provide avenues to empower those wanting to safely leave these relationships.

Debbie is the proud mother of three grown children and considers her faith and family most important.  She enjoys reading, needlework, genealogy, and playing “at” golf in her spare time.

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