Char Murphy

Char Murphy is an inspirational author, speaker, breast cancer survivor, attorney, entrepreneur and founder of BelieveInspire. As a single mother, Char put herself through law school at the age of 32. She earned undergraduate degrees in Psychology and English and later her J.D. at the University of Arkansas School of Law in 1990. After practicing law and running her own successful law firm for 15 years and being named “Best Lawyer” at the height of her career, Char became suddenly ill.

After four breast cancer diagnoses and a radical mastectomy she was told she could never practice law again. This led to years of confusion, pain and loss of her identity as an attorney. She lost her business and career, and lost her marriage to divorce. Literally everything she owned and worked so hard for was stripped away.

Char says, “My life being miraculously spared, I view my illness and resulting losses as a blessing in disguise. I knew I had a higher calling, which led to my current career pursuing my true passion and purpose as an ‘empowerment whisperer’ for women. I use my experiences and hard-earned life wisdom to give hope, empower, inspire and motivate others through my books, magazine articles, speaking and teaching.”

Her greatest joy is helping women re-discover who they are after an illness, divorce, death of a loved one, or any traumatic loss.

Char is an altruist, and encourager of others. She occasionally writes inspirational blogs which are published on her website Believeinspire. Having successfully branded and marketed herself for years, she teaches others how to become and live as their authentic selves. In addition to her own motivational speaking engagements, Char has been a speaker for the Komen Foundation, volunteer for Heifer International, board member and contributor to the A.L.S. Association, and a board member of the Salvation Army. She remains an active member and contributor to many nonprofit organizations.

Her new book “Unshakeable Power” is a perfect fit for those looking to find and live their true purpose and passions. In her spare time, she enjoys fishing, fine arts, acting, photography, painting, travel, animal rescue, and volunteering with nonprofits.



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March 29, 2020