Brian P. Swift

Brian P. Swift spent 17 years as a top sales manager and sales professional. Brian is a John C. Maxwell certified coach, speaker and mentor. Brian is an Amazon best-selling author of multiple books and the founder of SOAR non-profit.

Brian’s neck was broken while playing football with his friends on the sunny, chilly day after Christmas, 1979, at the age of seventeen. As he found the courage and strength to recover, graduate from high school, earn his college degree, and earn his Juris Doctor degree as a quadriplegic, he also found his purpose: to achieve more than expected, and to aspire to the best he can be.

Rising Up will:

  • Empower you to get past your own limiting beliefs and challenge your thinking giving you a different perspective on life.
  • Drive you to tap into courage, strength, passion and confidence to overcome any challenge, obstacle, and unexpected change that life throws at you.
  • Help you create the right mindset to implement success while you create an intentional and purposeful life.

Email: Website: Phone: 708-269-7064

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March 11, 2020