Brett Neil

Brett Neil was born in a small farming community in Missouri. Growing up on a farm allowed him to learn the value of hard work and hard play.

He had a successful sales career and then went on to operate his own businesses. He has learned the value of family, friends, living life to the fullest and figuring out his purpose. For Brett, that is best done when helping other people find their purpose in life.

He is not a well-known speaker, author or entrepreneur. You haven’t seen him on TV or in Peoples Magazine. He is simply a real, no nonsense, down-to-earth person who is tired of politically correct mumbo jumbo that leaves people frustrated and confused.

Have A Grand and Glorious Day was written for anyone on any level to be able to understand a few basic facts of life that will help them find joy, peace and fulfillment if followed.

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Posted on

March 11, 2020