Bobby Shanks

The new book “Undateable” by Bobby Shanks sheds light on the dating dilemma facing singles today. The book details why singles struggle with dating and what they can do about it. You can graduate to the next level and rid yourself of your UNDATEABLE tendencies forever.

In the words of Bobby Shanks, “By my late twenties I was a multimillionaire, international playboy, philanthropist, spoke five languages, played several musical instruments, had estate homes on three continents and was a personal advisor to several world leaders. 

Talk about total BS! I wish! Here’s the truth, I grew up in a teeny little Midwestern town in Missouri. My graduating senior class was just over 20 kids and that was a large class. My parents were good people and great parents. My Mom was a librarian and my dad owned a construction company as well as a tire store. I grew up with garden variety Midwestern Christian conservative values and for the most part was a good kid and turned into a productive working adult. 

I got married in my mid twenties and before the age of 45 I have been married twice and have three biological kids. Between the two marriages I was married twenty years. 

Basically, I’m a normal everyday average dude. Um, an average dude that’s single and ready to mingle. In the span of about one year prior to writing this book I went on 50 dates. This book is what I’ve learned about pretty much all dating scenarios and why most adult singles today hate dating. In this book I share my own humorous personal experiences and give you the reader specific things to think about and exercises to do to go from your perceived “Undateable” nature to a very dateable awesome human.”

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