Founder of Motivation Champs, Dominick Domasky

Dominick Domasky is an inspirational author, YouTube host, sales expert, and the founder of the inspiration sharing and publishing platform Motivation Champs. Dominick is the author of the inspirational books, The Journey of a Grunt and Don’t Double Bread the Fish, and creator and co-author of the hit books The Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood and Go Ask Your Dad.  Recently, he released the hard-hitting eBook How to Write a Book in 2020 and immediately it became a Bestseller on Amazon. Dominick’s greatest accomplishments are his two children, and he aspires to be the best husband and father he can be.  Mr. Domasky arrived at inspirational story writing and motivational speaking with a unique background. As a boy, Dominick learned the value of hard work pulling weeds and doing odd jobs in the fields of his father’s landscape company. He took those lessons of hard work and placed them into his passions, and carried it throughout every aspect of his life from basketball to business.  
Dominick’s inspirational book The Journey of a Grunt was not written from a pedestal, but from the trenches of digging ditches, picking up cigarette butts and overcoming countless failures. Regardless of our income, work status or lot in life we’ve all had bad days. Rather than dwell on the negative The Journey of a Grunt teaches that adversity make us stronger.  The Journey of a Grunt is a positive, humorous story that takes us from adolescence to adulthood and tackles life’s teaching moments along the way. This book is a pop culture, modern-day look into the meaning behind each job, task, and chore.  Its pages will make you laugh, smile, reflect, and most of all inspire.  Go Ask Your Dad, was conceived by Dominick be a tool for fathers and caregivers to refer to in times of triumph or turbulence.  Even though The Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood sold over 1000 copies and spent time as an Amazon Best Seller, Mr. Domasky knew there was still work to do. There were still dads and families that needed help and fathers with messages of hope of hope to share. Domasky admits he is not a perfect father; so, he enlisted the help of twenty-one passionate fathers from across the globe to answer the questions of fatherhood. How do we prepare our youth to fight the drug epidemic, how do you bond with a little girl, how do we handle the issues of sexuality, bullying, athletics discipline, and more? The dads who co-author Go Ask Your Dad are all from different faiths, cultures, and upbringings and come together to create a tool that will help today’s father succeed in an ever-changing world.  Today’s fathers must be prepared to navigate the subjects of broken homes, teen pregnancy, social media updates, and drug addiction, but be strong enough to understand that true fatherhood is all about unconditional love and raising your children to be the best that they can be.  Mr. Domasky is not a Gold medalist or business titan, and he’ll be the first to admit he’s just a guy who has failed, been benched, suffered setbacks, lawsuits, punches to the face, and got up and brushed himself off. Dominick has no ill will of the past, but looks back and finds humor and strength. As the old saying goes, “That which does not kill us only makes us stronger!”
That which does not kill us makes us stronger.