2020 was strange year, full of challenges, but in life when handed lemons some turn it into lemonade. Meet Gina Litterini, she was the Director of Events for a national law firm, and she and her team were laid off in March of 2020 due to Covid-19. Gina was caught off guard, but took a deep breath and decided to look at this situation as an opportunity to follow her long-held dream. She chose to use her industry expertise and follow her passion for event planning, opening her own business, SunRoc Events. 

Gina says, “I launched SunRoc Events in October 2020 and haven’t looked back! With traditional events taking a back seat, I first decided to continue my education in the virtual event space and received my certificate in Virtual Event & Meeting Management, allowing me to further help my clients navigate in an ever-changing environment. I was excited to learn something new and have the ability to provide my clients solutions in this new normal. Because businesses still had the same challenges, but needed a new way to solve them- How do they connect to the customers now? How do they continue to grow their business when they can’t meet face to face? I’ve had the opportunity to do some really amazing virtual events with speakers and guests that may not have been available to me previously.”

Gina Litterini used the setback as an opportunity to grow and today her business SunRoc Events is thriving.

We asked Gina for some tips for those facing similar challenges and she offered us a fantastic list.

  1. Never stop learning – continue to educate yourself in the your industry of interest
  2. Network, network, network – join industry groups, do some pro bono work, get involved as much as possible
  3. Envision your dream
  4. Find your motivation
  5. Believe in yourself. Believe in your product. Believe in your service. If you don’t, no one will

Contact SunRoc Events at glitterini@sunrocevents.com or visit them at sunrocevents.com.