I had the pleasure to have Dom Domasky be a guest motivational speaker at my Youth Basketball camp for kids K-8th grade. Not only were his words an inspiration to kids, it was to the parents, and coaching staff too. Dom used the subject matter to relate to the kids age, current daily life tasks as a kid in sports or classroom.

Casey C.

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Gone are the days when it was acceptable to give the same presentation hundreds of times, or stand in front of a room reading the words of an unenergetic canned speech. When you contact Motivation Champs you become part of a championship team. Together with you, Motivation Champs creates an entertaining presentation that focuses on your needs, and not the ego of the presenter.

Mr. Domasky makes no assuptions his journey has been tougher than anyone else’s , nor does he pretend to have achieved some wild success. Dominick is proud to say, he’s just a guy trying to find success.

Even though Dominick has been punched, jobless, broke, cut from the team, and out of business, with the help of those early lessons and a belief in himself, he refuses to ever give up.

Dominick’s hit inspirational book Don’t Double Bread The Fish has been sold worldwide and he can be heard speaking about the power of persistence across the globe. Persistence is one of Dominick’s favorite topics to speak about, however he is passionate about many others which include: fatherhood, bullying, team-building, leadership, goal setting, and more. If you’re interesting in hearing the words or our author or looking to reignite your group or team’s passion, contact Motivation Champs today and together we’ll set up an event tailored to creating that spark.

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