Sharing Inspiration

At Motivation Champs, we not only share inspiration 24/7, we live, pursue, and study it. If you’re seeking a dynamic speaker for your next event, contact us and we’ll match your organization with a presenter whose message is tailored to meet your specific needs. Gone are the days when it was acceptable to give the same presentation hundreds of times, or stand in front of a room reading the words of an unenergetic canned speech. When you contact Motivation Champs you become part of a championship team. Together with you, Motivation Champs creates an entertaining presentation that focuses on your needs, and not the ego of the presenter.


We Work For You

We understand each organization has a unique culture, so we never try to push an agenda or speaker when working with a client. We make it our mission to eliminate the leg work and the guess work for clients who have been tasked with finding a speaker for the big event.

Be Heard

Our experienced and vetted speakers cover topics such as leadership, diversity, digital marketing, fighting the drug epidemic, fitness, energy awareness, self-improvement, holistic healing, starting a non-profit, overcoming adversity and more. Please contact Motivation Champs for information and inquiries.

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