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Children’s Author- Viki Heagy

Please checkout author Viki Heagy's Facebook page to find out what's new with her and Izzie the Inchworm.

Tommy Jones – Go Ask Your Dad

A chat with Tommy Jones our author from Go Ask Your Dad.   Please give us an update since we heard from you last? I have been networking and sharing my story and giving out books when I can. Meeting people and telling them I have written 2 books, they get...

Viki Heagy- Children’s Author Interview

Motivation Champs Author Interview A chat with Viki Heagy our author from Izzie The Inchworm’s First Day of School. Please tell us what inspired you to write this book? My granddaughters had concerns about starting school. I wanted to reassure them – and all children...

A Kind Voice on Books: Interview with Dominick Domasky

A kind Voice host, Erin Rae, sat down to discuss fatherhood and writing with Dominick Domasky. Author, Inspirational Speaker, and radio host himself, Dominick discusses his book, "Go Ask Your Dad", which brings together multiple dad-slash-authors to answer all our...

Year of Purpose Podcast Dominick Domasky talks about his new books, inspiration, fatherhood, and finding your purpose.

Father Nation – Dominick Domasky

FROM FATHER NATION: Motivation Champ's founder, Dominick Domasky, does inspiration and motivational speaking with a slice of humor. Dominick arrived at writing books and motivational speaking with a unique background. Mr. Domasky doesn't claim to have climbed Mt....

Insulin Nation-Fatherhood and Type1

Watershed Moments of Fatherhood and Type 1 The Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood and Dominick Domasky featured in an interview on Insulation Nation. Read the full article. 

On Fire to Inspire

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Jennifer Hain on Your Kind Voice

Life coach and Youtube sensation Jennifer Hain on Your Kind Voice. Tune in and be inspired by her passion and fire. Check Out Lifestyle Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with A Kind Voice on BlogTalkRadio with A Kind Voice on BlogTalkRadio