Pursue That One Thing by Carla Wicks

When things are going good, life is easy and relaxed, with not a care in the world, and you are so blissful – how grateful and are you? Can you think of such a time in your life? Are you there now or are you in another season of life and nothing I just asked fits at all?

I’ve always had the unique ability to be grateful, and it was born from a life the opposite of what I just described. Hard knocks just kept coming my way.

Being totally vulnerable and real is one of my mantras. I applaud when people are real and share from their heart. I find my best friends as those who share openly. We help each other. Why? Because as bad as things might get at times…someone else has it worse. Everyone could use a genuine friend.

It has been a passion of mine to help the hurting and hear them, really hear them. I may not have the answers, but I do have empathy, understanding and a genuine care for what is happening in their lives. I always tell them how grateful I am to have met them and will do whatever I can to help. Sometimes that is all people need. Someone who cares. Someone who listens.

Which brings me to the focus of this article.  Finding your passion and then pursing it with persistence. No giving in when the road gets rocky or when the sunshine is absent and looming dark clouds invade your space. You grab that one thing and give it all the gusto you have, for as long as your live. Never letting go of what you were created to BE and DO. Why? Because your unique make up, life experiences and talent/abilities are as individual as your fingerprint and no one else can do what only you can.

I presently have found my niche helping those who grieve make the journey back to living. It’s a tough thing to hear gut wrenching stories of lost loved ones and see a hopeless face and hear a heart cry out. I’ve been there and so I use that very thing, that one thing, which could have destroyed me as a lifeline to pull someone else out of the mire which is preventing them from facing their tomorrows with joy. I walk right into the midst of their pain and cradle the discomfort all the while sharing and caring – transparent, raw, and REAL. I’m always grateful to help as many as I can.

So how about you? What one thing is burning in your soul and needs expression.  What one thing can you Be and Do to help your fellow humans? What brings a satisfied smile to your face and makes you feel content when you lay your head on the pillow each night.  Find it and pursue it with persistence. Be grateful for it. You may just find a new you. Re-energized, motivated, and genuinely happy because you have a new purpose greater than yourself and indescribable peace.

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