The Power Of Showing Up! BY NEPTALI J. MARTINEZ, MS

As a youngster, I never knew what profession I wanted to follow as a grown up. I used to envy my colleagues who not only knew what career they wanted as kids, but they had also achieved such goals and were working in their chosen fields as adults.

The only thing I knew, and followed consistently, was to show up and say, like 007 in the movie Skyfall: “reporting for duty.”

I have learned that you don’t have to be an expert to show up with just what you have. I don’t think I was ever 100% sure about anything, but I showed up anyway with whatever percentage I had.

When I was apprehensive about starting something new, I went anyway, thinking that I should be able to contribute with something.

Take public speaking as an example. Early in my career I was trusted in front of a group of peers and leaders, to take over for a brief presentation my boss was supposed to give. Although I knew the gist of the talk, I had not prepared. I was not ready. Up to that point, I had never spoken to any group!

Nevertheless, I got up, I went to the front of the room, and feeling like a zombie, I mumbled my way through what I thought my boss had wanted to cover. It was a horrible experience for me, but I showed up! After that, I made my passion to learn public speaking.

On another occasion, I was invited to teach a university level class. I asked myself, what do I know about teaching? I was petrified just imagining myself in front of a group of adult professionals who took such classes to advance their careers.

So, I showed up. I accepted the invitation (this time I did have time to prepare), and began a very satisfying, part-time, adjunct career.

Just the other day, I was invited by Agile PeopleOps Framework to deliver a session titled Managers as Coaches. I had never been a presenter in a conference before. Holding a class for 12 to 16 students is one thing, but delivering a session to potentially thousands of internet users all over the world?

After corralling my fears, I thought it over, and, of course, I decided to show up. This time I have ample time to prepare until this October 10th presentation.

When you think you don’t know anything, show up anyway, you are bound to learn something!

Consistently showing up has more power than accumulated knowledge (things keep on changing), current expertise (tomorrow you can be obsolete), or authority (tomorrow you could lose it).

Consistently showing up keeps you current.

Consistently showing up keeps you agile.

Consistently showing up creates trust.

Just keep on showing up. You’ll be present, you’ll be connected, you’ll be relevant, you’ll make a difference.

Neptali J. Martinez, MS lives in New York City and can be contacted for career coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching, motivational speaking, and change management seminars, delivered on-site and virtual. Neptali’s new book CoachAbility helps readers find the success they are seeking while identifying if they are in the right state of mind to be coached.

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