Cleveland, OH — John Grdina Announces the Release of His New Book

Motivation Champs Publishing has announced immediate availability of local educator, podcaster, and endurance athlete John Grdina’s new book Freedom To Ascend. This uplifting book is a positive resource for anyone looking to step out of their comfort zone and live a life overflowing with happiness and meaning

Positive Reader Impact: “As an international mental performance teacher and ultra-athlete, Freedom To Ascend is a highly credible book for all readers. This content is sound from the experiences that John shares and the action steps that can be used to perform at a high level. If you need to transform your life, this book is for you!” Brian M. Cain, MPM

Freedom To Ascend: is available at Amazon and all major online retailers or directly from John Grdina at appearances and events. John can be found daily podcasting or across social media sharing messages of inspiration.

Words from the Author:

“It’s time to exhaust all our gifts! Every day is a gift, given to us so we can give it to others. We can only impact other lives by first building a blueprint of success in our very own lives. Freedom to Ascend provides actionable steps to live a more intentional life in your relationships, mindset, spirituality, and physical journey.” – John Grdina