Please tell us what inspired you to be part of this book?

Char Murphy inspired me to tell my story when we were talking one day about my starting a book in 2017 on another topic. She said, “tell your own personal story” of tragedy and triumph! People will really resonate with this.” I was a little taken aback since I had done a lot of healing work on this very challenging time in my life and wasn’t sure if I was ready to go back there emotionally. But spirit spoke through me and an alarm bell went off! Yes- this is exactly what I must do! In that moment it became clear to me this was called by spirit. Char felt my story would inspire and empower others going through incredibly challenging situations who had lost hope and needed to know they were not alone.  She also told me I could broaden the Spiritual Counseling and channeling work I was already doing to more people in need of guidance with my story.

Of course, I said Yes! I had been a Singer-Songwriter, recording artist, but  had not yet written a book. I was so ready now!

Who are your biggest influences and why?

Maryanne Williamson was such a big influence on me in my twenties and early thirties. I went to Town Hall every month NYC to hear her speak on the “Course in Miracles.” I read all of her books and was  inspired to write my song ‘Return to Love, which is also the name of my chapter in Mission Hope after reading her book by the same name. My favorite quote of hers was “Only the Love is real, fear is an illusion.”

I had been an R&B singer in a top opening act touring band “Fire and Ice,” opening for Chaka Khan and later working with my friend, the late Vickie Sue Robinson so I was inspired by Gospel /R&B and wanted to write a song that expressed my deepest feelings about life, love and humanity. Marianne Williamsons quote and Spiritual vision so resonated with my own and sent me further into my spiritual/musical journey of healing. I became an Ordained Minister in a Spiritualist Church in 1996.

What do you hope the reader gets from this book?

I hope the reader feels that they are not alone in their grief and despair or simply understands that there is Hope for all of us and a light at the end of their personal tunnel of darkness. They can and will make it through the darkness into the light. Just ask Spirit and the Angels for help along the way! They are here to help us through. I pray these 18 stories of shifting and overcoming incredibly challenging circumstances will bring them hope and peace.