Please tell us what inspired you to be part of this book.

I love writing, and I believe I have at least a couple of full-length books in me. On my website, I have a blog that contains over 200 posts. And Mission Hope is the second anthology I contributed as a co-author. It is like dipping my toes into the ocean and seeing how it feels. 

When our wonderful Char Murphy came up with this amazing idea of bringing them together, I did not think twice. The opportunity of sharing a part of my life journey that triggered a profound change in me with others who might be going through similar situations felt just right. I thought if my story could spark hope in even one person’s mind, that was more than enough and worthy. 

Then, later on, finding out my story to be in a book with many other great friends I respect and admire became the cherry on top.

Ultimately, hope is an essential aspect of human experience that enables us to face challenges and overcome obstacles. With hope, we could cultivate the power to envision a better future for ourselves and others. We all need hope to keep on keeping on, and thinking that our book Mission Hope could become a source of hope for many warms my heart. 

Who is your biggest influence and why?

In my early childhood, my father has been a strong influencer in making me an avid reader. The more you read, the more you accumulate words, ideas, and creativity. And writing becomes a natural extension of that process which has been the case for me.

Inspiration to write and express my thoughts sometimes comes from nature or my loved ones, or my coaching clients. You never know when, where, and how. You just let it flow from your keyboard to your screen. 

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I have a period in my life where I worked as an anchorwoman for a live morning news show at one of the national TV channels in Istanbul, Turkey – my home city. I enjoyed working there, even if for a little while. Today, I believe why I am very comfortable on Zoom, interviews, and podcasts certainly has something to do with that experience. 

Since we try to share inspiration at Motivation Champs can you share your favorite inspirational quote? 

One of my favorite quotes that I also have on my website’s home page is from Eckhart Tolle. He says, “You are not IN the Universe; you ARE the Universe.”

What was your favorite book as a child?

Since an early age, I believed in fairness, equality, and diversity. Either that’s why I loved Uncle Tom’s Cabin book by Harriet Beecher Stowe or because of that book, I became that person who stands for fairness, equality, and diversity. For the ones who are not familiar with the book, it tells a striking story about slavery and the treatment of humans as property. 

What is your favorite activity to do with the family?

My favorite activity is coming together with my family around the table and having a meal taking our time, chatting, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. 

What do you hope the reader gets from this book?

I hope readers feel inspired, motivated, encouraged, and empowered while reading our stories. I wanted to tell my story because I wanted others to see that sometimes situations we see as unbearable could be an opportunity for another door to open into our lives. If one can get through something gut-wrenching and turn it into a new possibility, anyone else can do the same. And that is hope right there.

Are you working on any other projects? 

Yes, I am working on a couple of other projects at the moment. One of them is the Be You More Coaching Framework built on core values that we developed at ShiftUp – Strategic Change Agency for individuals, teams, and coaches. 

And the other one is the E2M Relationship Fitness program that my partner Anne Lewis and I offer to couples engaged to marry, newly married, and in a committed relationship with no plans to marry. 

Where can we get in touch with you?

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