Please tell us what inspired you to be part of this book? 

The world needs to hear of stories that remind them that there is always Hope in those times where we want to just give up. That there is always a Silver Lining that we should focus on in those times.

Who is your biggest influence and why?

I have several, lol! My Mother has always been a Rock for me. And my Best Friend Char Murphy who is always my encourager and whose story alone shows how we can overcome anything that may try to block us.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?

I am now a spiritual reader and life coach.  

Since we try to share inspiration at Motivation Champs can you share your favorite inspirational quote?

Look for the gift in everything-Char Murphy 

What was your favorite book as a child? What is your favorite activity to do with the family?

I would say the Bible. Family get together in our family always turns out to be a great time. My friends and I love to gather at my house and play table games and sing Karaoke.  And anything outdoors. 

What do you hope the reader gets from this book?

Hope and Encouragement!! We all need it!

Are you working on any other projects? 

I am gearing up for the second book in this series. I do monthly videos on social media that I speak about the energies coming in with new and full moons. 

Where can we get in touch with you?