What inspired you to be part of this book?

I had been feeling strongly for some time that most of us play down,
diminish, under-estimate the power of our own stories – the small
victories, smallest of successes, the leaps we all make from darkness to
light. These stories ought to be told, in the hope that they will create
much-needed emotional connections with another soul, who needs to
hear them. Sharing is Caring and somehow the world starts to feel less
bleak, and it revives our innocent, forgotten joys – like eating ice-cream
cone with colored sprinkles and in watching rainbows. We gain a deeper
understanding of other people’s experiences, and can mindfully
acknowledge to ourselves that, the traumas in life, can be turned into
opportunities to learn, grow, heal and cherish what we have vs focusing
on lack. This is powerful and empowering!

I have been bringing such inspirational stories through my Talk show on
YouTube, since September 2021. I met Char Murphy, through 360°
NATION | HUMANITY REDISCOVERED (a sanctuary established by a very
dear friend Dennis Pitocco, that allows for honest, agenda less, heartful
conversations. I wholeheartedly recommend joining us:
@ourfriendshipbench), and as Char and I connected on so many fronts
through our conversations offline, I invited her as a Guest speaker on my
show. When I was approached in turn, to be part of this Anthology of
Hope and Inspiration, and share my most authentic, un-adulterated story
yet, it was a no-brainer to say “yes”. It’s an honor to share the platform
with other brave authors, as it takes courage to be vulnerable and raw in
this world, that is forever judging and un-forgiving. Frankly, I also had
another motive to write this Chapter – and that is to process and heal
from cobwebs that I might have left out in my relentless healing Journey.
Believe me, when I say this that, many hidden tigers and crouching
dragons were still lurking in the recess of my mind, and am in gratitude
for the opportunity to tame them, through this deep-dive introspection.

Who is your biggest influence and why?
While growing up, it was Mother Teresa, who listened “call within a call,”
which she considered divine inspiration to devote herself to caring for the
sick and poor, lepers, in India. Inspired, at age of 16, I used to ride a small
red bicycle in sun, cold, for 5 kms each way, to go help in her orphanage
in Chandigarh, India, where I grew up.

Unfortunately, I never received any kind of guidance, wisdom, from my
own parents, as they were too embroiled in their own personal battles,
and the toxic environment, became suffocating sometimes. But I do
admire some of their qualities (which I see reflected in me clearly); my
mother’s empathetic, kind, caring, giving nature; my dad’s brave,
courageous, daring, and adventurous streak.

I am blessed that over the years though, to have had the grace to be
under the tutelage of many evolved masters like Swami Dayananda
Saraswati (whose dozens of Retreats by River Ganges, taught me the
essence of ancient Indian scriptures), Mrs. Phyllis Krystal (who taught
“Cutting the ties that bind”, making some of us part of her legacy to
facilitate the modality, before passing on at age of 102), and Master
Dhyan Vimal (Institute for higher learning).

My undying spirit to learn led me to be initiated in Kriya Yoga (by Master
Subhendu Lahiri, of Baba Maha Avatar lineage), Certified Meditation and
Mindfulness Coach (School of Excellence), take up advanced Pranic
Healer (WPHF, Karnataka), and Tibetan Bowls Sound Healer (Srikam

Today, both my son, and daughter inspire me – and are my ultimate
teachers, imparting practical day to day wisdom, that todays youth has. I
am also blessed that my husband, with his practical approach untangles
my emotional threads that most of us Empaths tend to have.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?
I get reprimanded by friends to talk about all the hats I wear but I keep
forgetting to mention them. I’ve been a relatively successful Entrepreneur
and executed 13 Interior Design projects, run a Fashion-Design company
for 7 years, sold my mixed media paintings through galleries to collectors
all over the world, Teach Mindfulness to underprivileged students
through Non-Profit Organizations, and am just starting to learn making

Here’s a few more you may find interesting too:
I have been Car-jacked at Gunpoint, in Venezuela.
I have been a witness to a violent riot in which the woman next to me
was shot, in Nigeria.
I have Para-glided from 8,000 ft.
I turned vegetarian, Teetotaler overnight.
My You-turn from being a Fashion Designer to a Transformational
Facilitator came from a 99-year-old Japanese woman, I met on a fast train in Japan.
My oldest mentor was 100-year-old woman called Phyllis Krystal.
I have traveled to 57 countries out of 195. I grew up in 8 cities in India
and lived in 9 countries.

Since we try to share inspiration at Motivation Champs can you share
your favorite inspirational quote?

“Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The
fearful are caught as often as the bold.” – Helen Keller
(Imagine, in 1999 her name appeared on Time magazine’s list of the 100
most important figures of the 20th century, alongside such iconic figures
as Albert Einstein, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi. That’s an
impressive accomplishment for anyone, and more so for a woman who
couldn’t see or hear. She motivates me to no end).

What was your favorite book as a child?
Ah, my ever favorite was a Book called “William Tell and other stories”, a
1969 edition, by James H Fassett. The legendary heroes and heroines of
Rip Van Winkle, Jack and Beanstalk, Rapunzel, the beautiful blonde
woman, imprisoned in a tower, who lets down her long hair for her lover;
and of course, Tinker Bell – armed with Pixie Dust. Till today I throw
imaginary Pixie Dust on others to cheer them up.

What is your favorite activity to do with the family?
My dad loved driving across all the 15,200 kilometers, that marks the
land boundary of India, so, as kids we would be packed into the backseat
and off, we would go for days at end, stopping wherever we wanted at
night, playing “I spy” games to keep busy. (Even got chased my armed
dacoits on one trip). Now, I see why I am in Ultimate love of Travel.

What do you hope the reader gets from this book?
I want to share my deep understanding of life through the challenging
road I have travelled, and that is: – “To reach a meaningful and joyful
connection of the Mind-Body- Soul- Spirit, we will need to drop
procrastination, step out of overwhelm, and show up in the world with
confidence, inner strengths, and loads of self-worth. Let go of
superwoman fixation (that makes you think you can fix the world), and
first, embrace a more sustainable feminine power, that helps us to start
taking radical responsibility of your own life, develop authentic human
connections, to become one with the much-needed collective higher
consciousness in the universe”. Rest all falls into place. There is not Future, There is no Past, All that you see will never last, so JUST BE!

Are you working on any other projects?
My Talk show, “Choosing Joy- Secrets and Stories from around the
world”, hosted on YouTube (Channel: Minnku Buttar), has found a huge
fan-following, with many golden nuggets of wisdom from Global
Influencers, and this inspired me to share my ideology on “Art of
Thinking” in my first TEDX talk in Spetmeber,2022.

I am a Contributing Author for BUSINESSWOMEN 360°, and now recently
starting writing a Column for the top American Lifestyle magazine,
WomensStraightTalkz (My articles are part of Intercultural dialogues, to
celebrate, leverage and chronicle diverse stories, narratives, voices, and
cultural identity of inspirational Indian women achievers).
Interestingly, my first short story “My golden Veins”, was published in
another anthology, “Diversity – it changes the perspective you see world
with”, (part of Global Intellectual Series), and was recognized by
“Scholars Book of World Record, 2022”. So, Mission Hope – Thriving
Through Seasons of the Soul
, becomes my second publication.

I am looking for colorations with Corporates, to offer the powerful, lifechanging FOUR WEEK Program called “JOYFULNESS CODE”, I have assimilated. It takes you on a journey to become the Editor of your own life’s story. “Re-writing a new Life Story” is the biggest gift you will ever
give yourself – Let’s do it together!

Where can we get in touch with you?
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