Go Ask Your Dad

go-ask-your-dadGenerations of children have heard, “Go ask your dad!” Mr. Lauffer and Mr. Domasky took this to a new level by connecting men from across the globe. Twenty-two dads wrote chapters in this book and over thirty dads provided contributions to help answer the questions of fatherhood.

“Dad, how do you raise a little girl? How do we help our children to stay safe and avoid the drug epidemic? How do we help our children cope with divorce, death and other problems of contemporary modernity? How do we teach our children to overcome negativity?”

Fathers, your children face challenges they are not equipped to handle.  Without your guidance and support your children have little chance to comprehend today’s challenges: cyber bullying, social-media, police-brutality, and forces of terrorism and ISIS.

Go Ask Your Dad challenged the authors of this book from different faiths, cultures, and generations to unite and answer the tough questions dads and families face today.

Fathers must learn from the past, but also be prepared now and in the future to discuss everything from sexual education and identity to what career path a youth should choose. Our children need the answers that will help lead them to a happier, healthier, and brighter tomorrow.

Go Ask Your Dad, because there is much to learn from them.

The Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood

unofficial-guide-to-fatherhood-webMr. Domasky believes he’s a good dad, but knows he’s not perfect.  When his voice is hoarse from yelling at his children and they are complaining his punishments are unfair he often seeks the council of fathers he believes to be great.  During one of these conversations Dominick thought to himself there are others that could use the same tips he and his friend were sharing and thought they should write a book. Acting upon his impulse he floated the idea to the dad on the phone and that’s when “The Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood” was born.

The truth is when discussing fatherhood and parenting the subject is not all roses. There are challenges, such as divorce, sickness, addition, and school shootings that must be addressed and Dominick knew this battle was not one that should be fought alone.

Nine fathers from different cultures, faiths, and upbringings completed the journey and together we created a tool for fathers of all ages to refer to in times of turbulence or triumph. The tool is our bookThe Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood and we hope you will read, enjoy, reflect, and share.

Don’t Double Bread the Fish

dont-double-bread-the-fish-coverDon’t Double Bread the Fish is a humorous, motivational guide to surviving and succeeding in today’s world. This book based on tribulations our author encountered being a father of a young rambunctious daughter and a son with Type 1 Diabetes. Don’t Double Bread the Fish is based on the lessons Dominick learned growing up in the family landscape business owned by his father who grew up in poverty and knew only one way to succeed, hard work! It is based upon Dominick’s lessons learned through failures in childhood, athletics, sales, restaurant ownership and every aspect of life.

The authors words: “The driving principle of Don’t Double Bread the Fish is to never give up. All my failures have just laid my path to success. My failures are the foundation to my castle and with each failure I endured my castle’s foundation and my burning desire to succeed have only grown stronger. Because I am not ashamed to tell the world about my goals or my failures, I can laugh, learn and grow by sharing them.

Each chapter has a theme that is independent of the others. The themes I share are written to be shared and repeated by a reader that is interested in having a better today than yesterday. The stories in Don’t Double Bread the Fish are meant to make the reader possibly laugh or even reflect and say, “Maybe thing’s aren’t that bad.” Or, “I can do this. I can succeed. I will succeed.”